Speaker Handouts

Gaye Gronlund
Learning Comes Alive through Play

Freda Markley
#1001 & 2001
Children's First Experience in Mathematics COUNT!

Jennifer Thomas & Chris Sparks

It's Not Magic, It's Science!

Angie Nickell & Julie Cowell
Hot Topic!! Braiding Early Childhood Funds

Sarah Camp
Atypical Development in Infants/Toddlers: Making a Referral to First Steps
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Connie Wilkinson & Karlie Abbey
Really KNOWING Authors and Illustrators!

Jill Molli
S/he Hit Me First": Dealing with Personal Loss and Healing the Need to Get Even

Kathi Moore & Karen Armstrong
Nature Revealed to the Youngest Learners

Jill Molli
Sit Still, Pay Attention, Look at Me: Understanding and Developing Attention Skills in All Children

Abby Susman & Brenda Koval
Refining Health, Hearing & Vision Screening Skills

Paula Berry
Conducting Teacher Evaluations: May the Circle be Unbroken
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David Harrison

The Art of Creating Literature for Young People

Karen Hickman
Bring Back the Joy of Teaching: Encourage Children and Staff by Focusing Yourself and Others on Helpful Behaviors

Rebecca van Rooyen & Nassrin Javadi
Autism? ADHD? Developmental Delay? What Now?
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Jennifer Holland
Early Signs of Auditory Processing Disorder and Other Learning Disabilities

Karen Hickman
Connections Lead to Cooperation: Build Healing Relationships with Children Who Are Crying Out for Help