One of the most important aspects of providing services for you is to assist in creating or finding ways to help pay for our services along with making it easy on you and your budget.

  • Pricing – Custom Meeting Planners can develop a fee schedule to best accommodate your group whether as a flat fee or on a per person basis. The best way to know if we can assist you is to allow Custom Meeting Planners the opportunity to talk with you personally. Contact us either by phone or by completing the Request for Proposal (RFP) and we’ll be better able to answer that infamous question “how much will it cost”?
  • Payment for Services – Payment for contracted services will be made based upon a mutually agreed upon timeline which will begin with the signing of the contract for services through the completion of your meeting. Depending on the circumstances, Custom Meeting Planners may be able to customize a payment schedule to meet your budget and the timeline for incoming revenue for your meeting.
  • Working with a Budget – Custom Meeting Planners offers an array of planning services, with a variety of pricing options, to best fit your budget. If your organization is on a budget but you truly need assistance, we will direct you toward the services that will afford you the greatest return on your investment. We encourage you to provide us the opportunity to put our past experience and knowledge of the industry to work for you.
  • Working with No Budget – The best way to overcome the challenge of no budget is by creating additional revenue in order to pay for our services. The key is to know the value of your meeting in order to allow for more skillful negotiations and optimal pricing of your conference fees. Areas of revenue generation might include guest room rebates, creation or expansion of the trade show and sponsorship opportunities. Custom Meeting Planners will also look to see if there are ways to effectively cut costs in order to bring additional monies to your meeting’s bottom line.Finding the solution for little or no budget starts first with a discussion of where you are, where you’ve been and where you’d like to be. Custom Meeting Planners can help you create a plan to get you where you’d like to be.
We have worked with events & budgets of all sizes. Let’s talk about how we can plan the event you need with the budget you have.